This is a blog about building social resilience in and through community food growing projects.

Through the autumn of 2018 I travelled to the U.S.A. to visit a number of projects that are working to enact change in the communities in which they are situated.

Resilience to me is about thriving rather than just surviving, and about growth through adversity. It works at a number of interrelated levels (personal, project, community and movement) and I was keen to think about all of these levels as I moved around.

This blog is a space in which I gathered tales of what I saw and learnt, in order to share that (and my reflections) with folks back home.

Learn more about this project here or dive straight into the blog here.

Download my end of project report here.

Get in contact with any thoughts – this project was fundamentally about connections and learning.

With this journey over, this blog now exists as an archive for my writings from this time.