This is me as of Autumn 2018:

I am Beth (they/them). I have been working on community focused small scale vegetable growing projects for the last 9 years.

The last six growing seasons I have been setting up, running, and now slightly stepping back and resting from a 9 acre market garden on Forty Hall Farm which sits in the green-belt on the Northern outer-edge of London. On the market garden we host students from Capel Manor College for practical lessons, run volunteer sessions with the local community, run a weekly veg box scheme, and numerous community events.

We are active members of the Community Food Growers Network, a non-hierarchical solidarity network and political voice for community focused food projects in London. Of late the Community Food Growers Network has been facilitating gatherings and tours on project sites, inputing into food and planning policy, running practical food and flower growing workshops, facilitating debate around gentrification and food growing, and reflecting on the ways in which power and privilege move through our projects and network.

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